Year 8

Year 8

At Stoke Park School, we recognise that the needs of our younger students are very different to our older students and the journey students embark upon in Year 8 is very important and critical to their progress and success in the future. Year 8 at Stoke Park School, is the gateway from The Bridge into secondary school life.

By the time students have spent a year at Stoke Park School, they move into Year 8 where students begin to study and attend lessons in departments, which is the next step to integrate students into the school from their transition from The Bridge into Year 8 as students are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves around school.

Year 8 have a highly specialised curriculum designed to build skills essential to their success in Key Stage 4 and they are closely monitored to ensure they reach their potential. Interventions are put in place for all students in Year 8 who are in need of extra stretch and/or extra support to ensure that students can be successful at Stoke Park School.

Year 8 Team

Head of Year – Laura Meyrick

Pastoral Manager – Manjinder Parmar