Year 8

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Year 8

All students continue with a general course of study. Some subjects use flexible groupings during Years 8 and students may not necessarily be taught in their tutor groups as they were in Year 7. Students receive one piece of homework for each subject per week. This is recorded in their Student Organisers. This is monitored by Form Tutors however we encourage parents to look at the learning journal on a regular basis and discuss their learning. We would also encourage parents to check their child is properly equipped for school and carrying a vast majority of the Stoke Park 16 equipment.

We aim for our students to become effective, independent learners. As well as receiving a broad range of exciting subjects, students experience cross curricular theme days. In addition there is a wide range of extra-curricular activities which are available to students including Basketball, Football, Badminton, Netball, Chess club, Maths quiz club and Science club. In addition to this there are residential trips open to Year 8 students such as the Paris/Normandy Trip, Skiing and Lake District trip.

It is important to us that students have a say in their learning and their experience at Stoke Park. This is facilitated through the Student Council. Each Tutor group elects 2 representatives from their class who then form then take their classes’ views to the Year Council to be discussed. Two of the Year Council Reps then go on to represent the Year 8 in the Whole School Council. Year 8 have recently chosen the charity they wish to support this year; Cancer Research UK. We will be holding fundraisers once a term to contribute to this.

Year 8 Late rules

Year 8 have a set of rules regarding lateness:

1 x late in 1 week = 15 minutes detention with tutor on the same day

2 x lates in 1 week = 30 minutes detention with tutor on the same day

3 x lates or more = 1hour detention the following day with Head of Year

Year 8 Team

Head of Year – Jake Grimwood

Pastoral Manager – Manjinder Parmar