Year 7

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Year 7

At the start of Year 7, students are divided into 7 tutor groups. Wherever possible, learners are grouped together with someone they already know, although students are encouraged to socialise and get to know other students in their tutor group. We endeavour to place students in a tutor group that will most successfully meet their educational and emotional needs.

Year 7 tutors get to know their tutees well and may even remain their tutor until the end of Year 11. Much of the first term at Stoke Park is spent helping the Year 7 students settle into life at secondary school. We encourage pupils to enjoy new experiences, make new friends and to adapt to the pace and delivery of lessons at Stoke Park.

We have high expectations for the students that come to us and expect our pupils to work hard, to be well behaved, have good manners and to be kind and caring towards other students. In return, teachers are expected to deliver an exciting and challenging curriculum that not only provides students with knowledge and understanding but also prepares them intellectually and emotionally for the challenges in life that they may face.

Students will study English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, RE, IT, Art, Design, Drama, Music, PE, and French in their first year at Stoke Park. They will also have the opportunity to spend time with their tutor each morning and will complete a range of PSHE, literacy and reading activities. Whenever possible, subject teachers aim to develop the skills and attributes of excellent learning through fun and engaging lessons. Lessons are differentiated, cater for a range of learning styles with a strong emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar throughout.

At Stoke Park we also promote a variety of extra-curricular opportunities to our students. Year 7 pupils can select from a range of activities varying from opportunities to join Sport Teams through to Reading Clubs, Music and Drama Performance Rehearsal Groups. Activities take place during lunchtimes and after school and timetables listing the activities offered are available to students in form rooms throughout the year.

Throughout the year, students are invited to enjoy a number of visits to venues in and around Coventry providing them with additional experiences and further learning opportunities. Pupils will also have the chance during their time at Stoke Park School, to take part in a residential visit either here in the UK or abroad.

Pupils will be invited to enjoy a number of onsite visits and performances which will be offered to the year group and/or selected groups of students throughout the year.

We are strongly committed to rewarding our students here at Stoke Park School and there are a range of reward activities, incentives, assemblies and prizes available in recognition of school achievement whether it be academic, effort, attendance or behaviour related. We encourage our students to achieve their best not only throughout their secondary education but in their personal and professional lives beyond.

Year 7 Team

Head of Year – Helen Pinder

Pastoral Manager – Laura Malpass