Year 11

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Year 11

Year 11 is an intensive year, leading to completion of the courses that they selected to study in Key Stage 4.

Students are supported through this period by their tutor, Head of Year and subject staff who all pull together to ensure students have the opportunity to reach the target GCSE grades.

This support entails numerous after school coursework improvement sessions, these provide students the opportunity to spend some intensive time improving their coursework. We also organise revision sessions, to allow students to access to a variety of support for exam preparation, ran by subject staff and outside consultants. Year 11 have visits from the ‘Elevate’ team, a motivational group who teach study skills to our students. These are interactive sessions which give students essential skills to study effectively, ensuring they work smarter not harder. Students are encouraged to attend before school directed intervention to work on areas for their own development in a range of subjects. The school holds regular Saturday school sessions in the Spring and Summer term; some with a focus on coursework completion and others on specific topic revision.

Every Year 11 student has access to a Career’s Advisor and has an individual meeting to discuss their future career prospects and choices. Students are supported by the pastoral team in their applications and interview preparations for colleges and apprenticeships. Every student has a meeting with a member of the Leadership team to support them in making their Post 16 choices. Many students decide to stay on at Stoke Park into the Sixth Form where there is a wide range of courses to allow specialisation in their desired areas they wish to study. These courses are promoted to students through assemblies and the Sixth Form Open Evening in the Autumn term. A copy of the Sixth Form Prospectus can be found on the Sixth Form area of the website. The school takes pride in offering a range of courses, both academic and vocational at level 1, 2 and 3. The Year 11 students engage with Higher Education activities where we aim to raise their aspirations; no aim is too high.

There are a number of enrichment activities throughout the year as well, with many students taking starring roles in the school production, representing the school in sports events and being involved in raising money for charity. There are working groups within the year, including a Year Book Committee and a Prom Committee. Students have ownership of how these events and activities are organised and develop their leadership skills. We also have a very active student leadership team who meet every month to discuss issues in the year group.

There is a reward programme built into the pastoral curriculum that rewards excellent attendance, punctuality, attitude to learning and progress.

Year 11 Team

Head of Year – Joe Salisbury

Pastoral Manager – Emma Chaplin