Year 10

Year 10

Year 10 is a crucial year as students start preparing for their GCSE examinations in all subjects. All students study the following core subjects: English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science (Double or Triple) along with P.E (non-examination).

Students also study 3 further subjects as selected in Year 9. These may be a mixture of academic subjects e.g. History and Geography or more vocational subjects for example Business Studies and Health and Social Care.

We have very high expectations of our students with regards to behaviour and attitude to learning as the new courses are very demanding and require students to retain a lot more knowledge. Coursework is limited to very few subjects and students will be rewarded Grades 1-9 where 9 is the best. During KS4 it is important that students are independent, responsible learners and begin to plan a revision timetable from the onset of year 10. All examinations will take place at the end of year 11. Students can no longer sit examinations early.

As well as academic studies, students in year 10 are encouraged to contribute positively to the school and community. Students are able to take part in extracurricular trips and activities. Previously these included a Business trip to Cadbury World, a First Aid course for Health and Social Care and a Romeo and Juliet theatre trip. Year 10 participate in fund raising events led by their student councillors. Our current year group charity is Mercia MS Therapy Centre.

Year 10 students face a number of new challenges as they develop through the year, both academically and personally, and will be supported throughout by their tutor and Head of Year to ensure they are successful and happy. Tutor times are spent supplementing our students’ development by exploring a number of current issues such as online safety, citizenship, careers’ advice. We also regularly complete literacy activities to support exam skills and techniques.

Year 10 Team

Head of Year – Hannah Ogden

Pastoral Manager – Emma Chaplin