Introduction to the department

All students in KS3 study French.

Pupils complete the FCSE examination course in French in Year 9, which is graded at Pass, Merit or Distinction.

French is offered as GCSE options in KS4 and post 16; while Spanish in KS4.

Pupils that are bilingual can also study and take examinations in other languages : Polish, Italian, Panjabi, Dutch and Mandarin amongst others.

Lessons are predominantly taught in classrooms, and are occasionally timetabled in computer suites.

Home-study tasks are set every week, on ClassCharts, to be submitted by a specific deadline.


Years/topics taught/keen interest in {subject related}


Head of MFL Department

Miss F. Santos

MFL Teacher

Miss. H. Rowland

MFL Teacher

Miss C. Hot

French Teacher and Head of House


French and Spanish Teacher

Mrs G. Duffy

Acting HOH and Assistant Head

Key Stage 3 curriculum offering

The topics covered range from personal details, holidays, food, different French speaking countries and their cultures and traditions and current affairs.

We use the Expo resources - a bright, learner-friendly presented textbook, which has excellent additional support material for class and homework. Students are assessed throughout the year in all 4 attainment areas (listening, speaking, reading & writing) and Achievement levels are awarded.

Pupils learn how to use various techniques to help them to understand the spoken and written word. They also get plenty of opportunities to practise speaking and communicating in the target language.


Topic/themes covered in Year 7


Meeting and Greeting / Family, Pets and Friends / Description (physical and character)




Daily Routine / School / Subjects, opinions and reasons / Sports and Activities

Key Stage 4 curriculum offering

Pupils study the AQA course at KS4 in MFL.

New resources are currently being sourced for the new MFL GCSE specifications starting in September 2016. These resources include access to an excellent online learning site with interactive activities and exemplar exam material, as well as to the DIGIBOOK, so that pupils can use class resources for support and clarification when working independently in school or at home.


Topic/themes covered in Year 10


Me, my family and friends / Technology in Everyday life


Free-time and activities / Customs and Festivals


Home, Town, Neighbourhood and Region / Social Issues

Post 16 curriculum offering

Pupils study the AQA course in MFL post-16 studies – AS and A2.

New resources are currently being sourced for the new specification for teaching in September 2016. They include access to online interactive activities, exemplar exam material, and access to the DIGIBOOK.

Pupils from other schools across the city attend Stoke Park on consortium arrangements to study MFL courses.

Pupils are required to have a B grade minimum at GCSE, in the language chosen, to study MFL post-16.


Topic/themes covered


Current trends - The Changing Family / Cyber society / Charity Work


Artisitic culture – Tradition & Heritage, Tourism, French culture / Music / Cinema


Study of a French novel or Film




Homework Club

Access to ICT room for support + home-study tasks, or to practice using online resources

Dept. staff

Summer Term Film Club

Films shown to groups of pupils, as appropriate to age and studies completed

Dept. staff

Any additional links/resources for download – KS3/KS4 website, used for language acquisition – KS4/KS5 website, used for independent learning, language and grammar practice, support using DIGIBOOK