Careers Advice

​Careers Advice at Stoke Park School

Coordinator : Aileen Johnson

Careers advice is a vitally important element of the support offered to our learners. In the first instance this is provided by students having conversations with subject teachers to find out the different routes into specific careers. We aim to provide specific guidance; talking to a subject teacher about career options linked to that subject. We promote self-reflection; what does a learner see as their strengths and what careers would be most suitably matched to those strengths?

Subject leaders provide specific advice through our ‘options’ assemblies and we hold parent consultation evenings to widen subject awareness. Our aim is to promote further and higher education and career opportunities. It is vitally important that we provide access to information on the full range of job and career pathways available so they can make informed choices about their next steps.

Work experience has been a vital part of understanding about the jobs market and this has been a regular experience provided for Stoke Park learners at key stage 4 and 5. Over the past two years we have also been working with Employability UK and Coventry Building Society to enable some of our year 12 students to gain vital employability skills delivered by one of the major employers in the City.

Every student in year 11 has an individual interview with the school careers adviser, Mrs Aileen Johnson. During these interviews students are made aware of all their options after year 11, levels they should be aspiring to and gives them the opportunity to discuss their interests, skills and qualities they have and may need to develop to help them progress and help with research.

We also hold for all Year 11, admission to the Sixth form interviews. We invite inspiring speakers to talk and share their experiences, encourage mentoring and have strong links with local universities, Coventry and Warwick. We regularly encourage learners at key stage 3, 4 and 5 to find out about different career pathways. Discussions take place in tutor time and students are able to use IT systems and software as part of their research. Stoke Park uses a career guidance package called U-Explore which students register with. This enables them to search different career "families" and explore the jobs available within them. Employers today require much more than qualifications from their employees and we encourage learners to research:

* MAIN DUTIES – what does the job involve on a day-to-day basis

* HOURS – what are the hours of work?

* MONEY – What is the starting salary / earning potential?

* QUALIFICATIONS / EXPERIENCE – What are the entry requirements?

* ENTRY ROUTES – What are the different routes into this career?

* LEARNING – What further qualifications could I take?

* JOB MARKET – What’s happening in this career sector at the moment?

* PROSPECTS – What are the employment trends and future prospects?

"Good careers advice is distinctive to the needs of the individual pupil"… this is just part of the many guidelines laid out by the DFE in relation to delivery of good careers guidance in school. At Stoke Park we aim to provide this to enable each student to make an informed decision about their future.