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Do students with SEND come to your school?

Stoke Park is a mainstream secondary school with approximately 1000 students. Most of our students are expected to reach education standards for their age. A small number of students do have SEND. Typically students with SEND in our school have difficulties with learning generally (reading and/or writing), speech and language, social and emotional development, social and communication difficulties, and sensory impairments – visual or hearing.

Does my child have a SEND?

A young person has Special Educational Needs or Disability (SEND) if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for them. If the impairment has a substantial and long term effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day to day activities it may amount to a disability.

If your child is identified as having a SEND we will inform you and place them onto the SEND register. The SEND register is kept in school and enables our staff to access support strategies for individual students.

Students with a SEND are identified throughout the transition process through meetings with key staff at the previous educational setting. If an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is in place the Local Educational Authority will be involved throughout the transition process. We offer a range of support during transition to help students become accustomed to new faces and the change of environment before starting with us in September. An electronic transfer of student data occurs on 1 September; this includes a student’s SEND status.

Soon after the students start at Stoke Park we complete a range of diagnostic and baseline testing which allows us to identify students who require further intervention for literacy and numeracy or may have some learning needs in these areas.

If you are still concerned about your child’s educational needs in the first instance please raise your concerns with your child’s form tutor. If you require further guidance contact the Head of Student Support.

Where can I find information about the SEN policy?

Our policies on SEN and Access will give you the information you need how we make provision for all students with SEN.

Click here to see our SEND policy

Click here to see our Accessibility policy

How will Stoke Park support my child?

At Stoke Park we use a graduated approach to an individual student’s needs.

For the majority of the students’ quality first classroom teaching will fulfil their learning needs. Some may require the curriculum to be slightly adapted or differentiated for the individual to access the curriculum in order to make progress. These students will not be on the SEND register.

Some students may require small group intervention to bridge a learning gap or to develop strategies to overcome a particular need. They may also access some support from a learning mentor attached to their year group. These students will be identified on the register as SEND support.

If your child is placed on the SEND register we will invite you into school to meet with the Head of Student Support or one of the team to collate information required in order to generate a learning plan. The plan will be reviewed every half term. We will explore the strengths and difficulties of your child together and develop strategies to achieve the best possible outcomes for your child at school. The learning plan is shared with your child’s teachers. We encourage all parents of students on SEND register to be involved with this process.

For a few students with more complex needs, they may require more intensive and long term support in order to thrive at school. These students will have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) which will set out clearly what provision the student needs to achieve at school. These students are also monitored by the local education authority SEND team (Coventry City Council).

The inclusion team will assess and review the progress of all students with SEND at key data points in the year. This will include progress, behaviour, attendance and attitude to learning in addition to achievement. The outcomes of these reviews will be shared at meeting with parents, including Annual reviews.

Detailed below are the kinds of interventions and support that your child may access.

Support and interventions offered:

In class support

Differentiated teaching and learning

Numeracy Intervention

Literacy Intervention

Inclusion room

Speech, language and communication skills support and intervention

Healthy lunch club

Homework club

Lunch time clubs

Personalised timetables

Personalised curriculum timetables

Careers advice support

In house educational psychologist

ASD support

Dyslexia support

Access arrangements

Hearing Impaired Unit

English as an Additional Language (EAL) support

Pastoral Support


We hold regular training session on different areas of SEND and all staff have access to information and strategies to best help students with SEND.

How do you make sure that the support you give makes sure that students make good progress? How will I know that my son or daughter is making good progress?

Students undertake subject assessments each half term and data is analysed by Heads of Department to ensure that appropriate progress is being made. The impact of interventions is measured and evaluated. Further or different interventions will then be put in place if required. Reports are provided to parents after each data collection.

Does Stoke Park liaise with other agencies?

At Stoke Park we feel that having as much information about a student is key when supporting them. We regularly liaise with a range of external agencies and we will follow guidance given when possible. We will always seek your consent before referring your child to an outside agency. We do encourage parents to allow agencies to share information with key member of staff at school. We liaise with the following agencies currently:

Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) – NHS

Integrated Primary Mental Health Service

Sensory Support Service (Hearing and Visual)

Occupational Therapy – NHS

Speech and Language Service – NHS

Children and Families First Team

Social Care

Complex Communication Team (CCT)

Vibes – MIND

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Who should I contact to find out about other support for parents/carers and families of students with SEND?

SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) offers help and guidance for parents and carers of children with SEND. They can guide you through any statutory process and attend meetings with you to offer advice and support. You can contact them on Tel: 02476694307.

How will Stoke Park support my child’s overall well-being?

Here at Stoke Park we recognise that for some children, school is not an easy experience. Children occasionally face social and emotional challenges which can impede on their learning; for these more vulnerable children our involvement might be intensified, and to this purpose we have six pastoral managers, one for each year group.

Pastoral managers work closely with Heads of Year, form tutors, Student Support and outside agencies to offer a comprehensive package of support, allowing children the opportunity to share their worries and concerns. We can offer modified timetables to support as well as using profiling in order to further support teachers in their work with these individuals.

Every child is very much an individual and their needs are assessed as such. We welcome any student in need, and always maintain a secure and supportive working relationship with parents and carers.

How can I be involved?

At Stoke Park we aim to work in cooperation with parents and students to create the best outcomes for individual students. For all parents and students at Stoke Park we will invite you into school regularly throughout the academic year to discuss your child’s progress.

We encourage all parents to contact your child’s form tutor or pastoral manager if you have any concerns, in the first instance. We endeavour to keep parents informed of any changes and adjustments to support arrangements when necessary.

What extra curriculum activities are available for students with SEN?

Students with SEND are fully included in the enrichment programme with some after school and lunch time activities aimed at supporting our more vulnerable students. Where adjustments or specialist risk assessments are needed for a student to access an activity the Head of Student Support will involve parents/carers. This includes daily trips and residential visits.

How have you made the school buildings and site safe and welcoming for students with SEN or disabilities?

In accordance with the disability act, buildings may undergo ‘reasonable adjustments’ to ensure that they are accessible for all of students. Lifts are available to support those students with mobility issues. The Student Support department provides supervised areas for vulnerable students during unstructured times.

Who should I contact if I am not happy with my son or daughters learning and/or progress?

The school recommends that in the first instance you contact the subject teacher or your child’s form tutor. If appropriate your concerns will then be raised with the Head of Student Support. If you are still not happy with the outcome you can ask for a meeting with a member of the school's leadership team.