Operation Encompass – The return of daily Domestic Violence alerts for schools

West Midlands Police, working in conjunction with the Coventry Police and Schools Panels, can announce the return of daily Domestic Violence notifications for all schools across the city.

DV alerts are a generic and timely notification which will be sent in a secure manner to the DSL, Miss Kirk, before 9am the morning after a student has been exposed to a DV incident, at any address, which was attended by the Police. Alerts for incidents occurring over the weekend will be received by the school on Monday morning. This is intended as an early notification for schools and allows the pastoral team to monitor the behaviour, attendance and emotional state of the student, whose welfare is our key priority. The pastoral team can then be on hand with support for the student. All students across the city are receiving a letter from their school outlining the scheme in February.

Please visit the following link to learn more about how operation encompass works www.operationencompass.org