Good News Update - 25/09/2017

A fantastic week which included our Prospective Parents Open Evening on Thursday21st sept. This was very well attended by a large number of pupils and families from local schools who gave very positive feedback to the arranged events and subject areas they saw during the evening. Stoke Park was buzzing! Potential learners and their families were taken round by Stoke Park student guides to get a feel for our school and what we would be offering. This involved them seeing impressive and eye-catching Science experiments, staff dressed up in French costume, a range of PE activities in the sports hall and gym, Food and Nutrition taste tests, surveys organised by Business Studies and Health & Social Care. Maths problem solving challenges, the History staff dressed as famous people through time, Religious Studies with great displays and food on offer that reflected different cultures and traditional ways of life. Technology demonstrated metal casting to visitors, Student support staff reinforced what levels and types of support learners would be able to access, English and Media were actively showing how we teach and extend student literacy and presentation levels. Music was great in the Main Hall and added favourably to the very well attended Head Teacher talk and student presentations. Drama learners were active in role play and performing short self-created scripts and the evening was an over-whelming success.

We would like to thank every one who attended and everyone who helped create a really lovely evening.

HOUSE EVENTS - This week was an action packed footballing week for the 4 houses, with hundreds of pupils and staff competing for points for their houses in both the penalty shoot-outs and the 6-a-side tournaments. The winners were as follows:

Penalty shoot-out

Y7 – Eagle

Y8/Y9 – Griffin

Y10/Y11 – Griffin

6th form & staff – Eagle


Y7 – Griffin

Y8 – Griffin

An excellent week for GRIFFIN, who march into a lead for the house competitions.

Over the next couple of weeks there will be the Y9 6-a-side football on Wednesday 27th, Y10 and Y11 on Thursday 28th and 6th Form and Staff on Friday 29th. There will also be paper aeroplane competitions at lunch times to compete for your house. Plenty of opportunity to win some precious points so make sure your house have people turning up!!!​