Good News Update - 06/11/2017


Over the half term, pupils were invited to work with those at home to carve pumpkins and bring them in to school to be displayed. There were some truly impressive designs and one particularly massive pumpkin courtesy of Oliver Duggins! Each entry scored 10 points for their house but the winning entry was Havana Cairns for Eagle with her very intricate design. The winner for the staff was Mr Coleman who showed real artistic flair and carving skills for Phoenix. In the end, Phoenix, Eagle and Griffin all tied for first place with Lynx coming fourth.


Year 7 and year 8 have been participating in netball shooting this week on the courts at lunchtime with Eagle and Lynx tied in first place for year 7 and Griffin winning year 8. Next week there will be Y9, 10 and 11 netball shooting and also the staff and 6th form will have their go too. On Wednesday, Y7 and Y8 girls will compete in a netball competition and Y9 on Thursday so make sure you get lots of players down there to represent your house!!


Sporting news, this week the Y11 team played President Kennedy and despite dominating for long spells couldn’t find the killer instinct and eventually ran out of steam losing 7-1. The Y9 team faired a little better against Sidney Stringer, narrowly being edged out 7-4 by the hosts in a very competitive game, although it must be said the Y9 team played the better football. Next week the Y7 team play in the cup on Wednesday against Caludon Castle and again on Friday at Wyken Croft against Westwood, while the Y9 team play Barr’s Hill on Thursday in the cup.

Y12 GEOGRAPHY STUDENTS - City of Coventry Planning

Miss Kirk and a number of Post 16 Geography learners interviewed Ian Dunn at Coventry University. This was part of their course to identify the impact on urban planning Coventry University is having on the shape and appearance of the city of Coventry.