Dr. Nick Barker from the University of Warwick provided a series of STEM enrichment investigations to Stoke Park Students focusing on scientific enquiry. Stoke Park students were enthusiastic and demonstrated both scientific and mathematical skills. Dr Barker was impressed in the way stoke park students conducted themselves and believes that Stoke Park School has future Scientists in the making.

From left to right Erin Adlard (Year 8), Demi-Lee Gardner (Year 8) and Kaydi Judge (Year 8)

Erin ‘ I really enjoyed the session and help me to motivate and do well in science’ Demi ‘ This event help me to decide and go into scientific research’ Kaydi ‘ I am now more confident in science and this session will help me to achieve my target grades.

From left to right: Dr Nick Barker, Alecia Thomson (Year 9), Mr Imran Jamal ( Head of Science), Duty Vice Chancellor Professor Christine Ennew OBE (University of Warwick)

We were lucky be joined by Duty Vice Chancellor Professor Christine Ennew OBE (University of Warwick). Professor Ennew gave advice on the contribution and success of women in science. Alecia Thomson ‘ Science is one of my favourite subjects and I would like to go to University and become a scientist’. This event had a positive impact to the young scientists at Stoke Park School. We hope we can inspire our students to become the next Marie Curie.

Mr I Jamal Head of Science Stoke Park School​