External curriculum experiences for Year 7 and Year 12 students

35 Year 7 students took part in the Campus Challenge with Warwick University on Monday 16th October where they designed their own university campus, decided what the university courses would be and worked in teams to market their university to the others. The session was aimed at raising aspirations and giving them an idea of what Higher Education has to offer.

Year 12 Geography students have been busy completing their local place study of Coventry City Centre as part of their A level course. They have spent an afternoon at the History archives in the Herbert Gallery collecting evidence of changes to the city centre through different sources such as old newspapers, photographs, maps and other literary sources. They have also interviewed Mrs Busby's mother who has lived in Coventry all of her life and recounted the days of the War, what life was like as an evacuee and how Coventry has changed for the people who live here. They have also interviewed Ian Dunn Vice Chancellor of Coventry University about the developments in the city centre and the influences that the University has had on the people, the perception of Coventry and the sense of place.