School Leadership


Stoke Park School is a member of The Futures Trust, a Multi Academy Trust, a limited company and a charitable company registered in England and Wales. The trust's company number is 8678162. Stoke Park School and The Futures Trust is authorized by The Secretary of State for Education and regulated by The Department of Education. The company is bound by the provisions of its Funding Agreement and the Education (Independent School Standards) (England) Regulations 2010.

The MAT is one legal entity, a charitable company limited by guarantee.

There are three levels of Governance:

1. Members, who agree articles which define the charitable purpose and how the MAT will run, appoint Trustees and remove if necessary, sign off company accounts and annual report and hold the Board of Trustees to account.

2. A Board of Trustees (Directors) who have ultimate responsibility for running each academy and will deal with the strategic running of the MAT. The Board delegates day-to-day running of each academy to a Local Governing Body (LGB). The level of delegation can be different for each academy. Accountability always remains with the Board of Trustees.

3. A Local Governing Body who have powers delegated by the Board of Trustees to oversee the day to day running of each academy.

Annual funding is allocated to each academy on an individual basis. The MAT is a single employer, sharing procurement and resources across the group.

The Futures Trust Members

  • Mr A Fitzpatrick
  • Mrs K Ireland
  • Rev A Randle-Bissell
  • Mr D Wood
  • Mr N Coupland

The Futures Trust Board of Trustees

  • Mr A Fitzpatrick (Chair)
  • Mr P Crisp
  • Ms K Morris
  • Mr M Moseley
  • Mr P Weston
  • Mrs P Heer
  • Mr P Thomas, CEO
  • Mr D Loudon
  • Mrs C Blair, Co-opted Trustee
  • Ms E Tomlinson
  • Ms C Assheton

Local Governing Body

  • Mr J Phillips (Chair)
  • Mr S McFadden
  • Mrs S Rooke
  • Mrs J Durkin
  • Mrs L Gadsby
  • Mr I Dunn
  • Mrs S Edwards
  • Mr E Lawrence
  • Mr P J Thomas
  • Miss N Rock, Head of School
  • Miss L Kennedy

The Chair of the LGB can be contacted via the Head teacher’s PA, Sally Allen-Moore,

The Futures Trust’s Register of Interests captures relevant business and pecuniary interests of members, trustees and local governors of academies within the Multi-Academy Trust.

In order to set up The Futures Trust, a number of legal documents are put in place between the Trustees and The Secretary of State for Education.

A copy of the school's Supplementary Funding Agreement can be found below.

Other legal documents can be found on the Trust's website at

The Trust's Registered Office is:

President Kennedy School
Rookery Lane

Tel: 024 7666 1416

Supplementary Funding Agreement (Stoke Park School)

TFT Master Funding Agreement

MAT Articles of Association

TFT Scheme of Delegation

TFT Annual Report and Financial Statements 2018-19

TFT Annual Report and Financial Statements 2017-18

TFT Annual Report and Financial Statements 2016-17

TFT Annual Report and Financial Statements 2015-16

TFT Annual Report and Financial Statements 2014-15

Senior Leadership Team

Stoke Park Leadership team consists of SLT, Heads of Subject and Heads of Houses. The Leadership team are responsible for establishing the school’s educational direction and vision, its goals and priorities. All members have significant responsibility for embedding appropriate strategies and resources, to enable us to achieve our vision.

We work in a collaborative and highly supportive way and understand the importance of building good relationships with learners and families.

Executive Head Teacher: Peter Thomas

Deputy CEO The Future Trust: Steve Toor

Head Teacher: Natalie Rock

Assistant Head Teachers:

  • Nick Bowater - Assistant Head Teacher
  • Alice Byrne - AHT - Director of Post 16
  • Ann Marie Smith - AHT - Director of KS4
  • Gemma Duffy - AHT - Head if the Bridge and the Gateway
  • Julie Bircher - Director of Teaching & Learning
  • Helen Pinder - AHT - Personal Development & Welfare/Director of Year 9
  • Clair Birch - AHT - SEND
  • Noel Devine - AHT - Data Assessment
  • Stacy Howe - Associate Assistant Headteacher
  • Gurpreet Virdee- Associate Assistant Headteacher

Head of Departments:

  • English: Lorraine Jardine
  • Maths: Alan Harris
  • Science: Imran Jamal
  • Humanities: Gurpreet Virdee
  • Music : Louise Kennedy
  • Business Studies & ICT: Thomas Waugh
  • Drama: Lyndsey Hall
  • Art, Design & Technology: Daljit Jandu
  • Modern Foreign Languages: Jacqueline Parsons Moore
  • Physical Education: Laura Redpath
  • Hearing Support: Penny Wakefield
  • Head of Post-16: Simon Gaiser