Introduction to department

Mathematics is an amazing subject and one of life’s true gifts. The Mathematics department strives to build on and extend key concepts introduced during primary school and develop pupils’ understanding and enjoyment of the subject. Classes are set based on ability and students are well supported during their lessons. Staff monitor progress of students within lessons and over time in exercise books and students are given regular personalised feedback. Students are given the opportunity to access materials outside of the lesson through their weekly homework and using resources such as MathsWatch. With such a high level of importance throughout a students’ school life, Mathematics will remain at the forefront of education.

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Mr N Kandola

Head of Mathematics

Ms Smith

Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Young

Assistant Headteacher and Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Kerr

KS3 Mathematics Coordinator

Ms Walsh

KS3 Mathematics Coordinator

Mrs Piggott

Head of Year 8 and Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Bala

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Toor

Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Barnes

Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bartholomew

Associate Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Lochab

Associate Teacher of Mathematics

Key Stage 3 curriculum offering

We introduce a number of key methods that can be used across all curriculum areas such as the decimal multiplier for percentages. Schemes of work are tailored to individual classes in order for our students to make good progress. WE have switched to A4 exercise books and these has seen a big improvement in the presentation of students’ work.


Topic/themes covered


Delta, Theta or Pi SoW


Delta, Theta or Pi SoW

Key Stage 4 curriculum offering

Students begin studying GCSE Mathematics in Year 9 and our Key Stage 4 curriculum builds on the skills that students are taught in Key Stage 3.The skills required for Mathematics are developed throughout Foundation and Higher tier and take into consideration the harder content involved in the new GCSE.


Topic/themes covered

The new Mathematics GCSE is now split into five key areas- Number, Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Geometry and Measures and Ratio, Proportion and Rates of change.

Post 16 curriculum offering

At KS5, our students will be studying parts of Core Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics from September 2017 following a new A Level Mathematics course. The majority of our A Level Mathematicians go on and study mathematically based degrees at university and continue their passion for the subject.

Topics/themes covered


Differentiation, Integration, Transformation of functions, Trigonmetry


Probability, Distributions, Averages and measures of spread


Kinematics, Modelling, Projectiles




Maths Challenge

Annual Junior (Year 7/8), Intermediate (Year 9/10) or Senior (Year 12/13) Mathematics Challenge

Ms Walsh

Maths Intervention

Some sessions are during registration and some are after school on Mondays and Wednesdays

All Maths Staff

Year 7 Maths Club

For our top 10 students in Year 7

Run by our A Level Mathematics Students

6. Any additional links/resources for download

MathsWatch link

The schemes of work we follow in KS3:

Complete Mathematics:

Fun mathematical concepts, puzzles and ideas: