We expect the highest possible standards of personal presentation from our students. They should be neat and their appearance and dress should be appropriate for a school day. Students are not permitted on site out of uniform, unless previously agreed, and uniform items can be purchased from the main office in reception.

​All students

Tie - red with gold stripes

Plain leather look black low-heeled shoes

Coat – Sensible, dark coloured coat if required. Hooded tops are not permitted

A school bag that is suitable for carrying books and equipment ( larger than A4 size)

Boys and Girls



White school shirt

White school shirt

Dark grey school trousers

Plain black skirt OR Plain black school trousers

Plain dark socks

Plain grey or white socks or tights

Plain grey V neck pullover with embroidered Stoke Park motif

Plain scarlet V necked pullover with embroidered Stoke Park motif

Where a turban is worn, we would prefer it to be navy or another dark colour

Further information

A minimum of jewellery is permitted e.g. one pair of small stud earrings and a single ring. Students may be asked to remove excessive items.

Facial/body piercings are not allowed to be worn in school.

Hair dyed in shades such as blue, red, orange, purple, green, etc. is not permitted.

Caps should not be worn in school.

Uniforms can be purchased from the following suppliers or directly from the school.

Andy Blair School Uniform
Brigade Clothing
Cat Ballou Originals