Star Assemblies

Here at Stoke Park we celebrate success in a number of ways throughout the year. One positive addition this year has been the Star Assemblies which take place every half term. Each Star Assembly is designed to target a range of students in order to celebrate attainment, attitude to learning, attendance and punctuality.

Through Star Assemblies, we aim to recognise and acknowledge the achievements of a great number of our students and hope to encourage a sense of pride and ambition within them.

Students and parents are invited to the assemblies which take place twice in the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms.

The assemblies are an opportunity to gather together, showcase students’ work and celebrate their success. Students are awarded with a certificate and have the opportunity to greet their parents/carers at the end or have a photo taken with their award.

If your son/daughter is recognised for an award, you will be notified with a letter in the post inviting you to attend.